June 4, 2015


Excited, thrilled, nostalgic, exhilarated and just plain joyful is how I feel about my upcoming trip to India in July. It’s the motherland! I am looking forward to seeing my parents, my sister, family, my friends who I grew up with, the old familiar places I used to hang out, the incredible food, the adventures that you find in the everyday in a country as rich, as poor, as colourful, as difficult, as vast, as my beloved India.

This trip is extra special for two reasons: one, my two little boys are going with me and I can’t wait to share the experience of India with them (It’s getting ‘funner’ as they’re getting older. Now at seven, their unique perspective on things just blows me away) and two, Pam and I are working with a whole new set of vendors and artisans to bring back brand new ideas and designs for the Turquoise Palace! We’ve been doodling away and working hard to make our designs a reality and from what we’ve seen so far, things are looking good! The only thing that would make this trip better would be if Pam was going with me, but seeing how her three little ones are so little right now, I know it’ll be a little while longer before we share this particular adventure again. I will miss her dearly though, everything is just more fun with her!

When you are trying to carve a niche in an already saturated market, the challenge is to stay true to your own brand, stay ahead of the curve, to stay ahead of trends and not fall into the trap of the old and familiar, no matter how easy and comfortable that may be. We go through dozens of designs before we settle on one, sometimes we make many little tweaks to a product before we are satisfied and sometimes, we fall in love with something and no one else likes it as much as we do…it just won’t sell. It happens. With less than a month to go, we still have a million things to check off. The to-do lists and binder of paperwork keeps growing but nothing can dampen our spirits. Being busy is what entrepreneurs live for and we have our eyes on the prize!