December 6, 2016



Discussion aimed at reaching an agreement. Seems simple enough. NOT so much.

Over the past few months, Pam and I have been very busy. We are making big changes to our business model and increasing our product offerings for our clients.  2017 promises to be very exciting. But before we get to the good stuff, there is serious work to be done.

In our world, negotiations are a daily affair. We’ve done it since day one and we are astute students of the subtle yet tough art of negotiations. We negotiate with clients, with vendors, with service providers… like anyone running a business, this is a part of our every day. We’re reasonable people, we understand that everyone needs to feel like they were fairly compensated for anything they’re contributing, be it services or a product and we are always respectful and likeable even in the toughest of moments. Understanding that you may not always get what you want and compromise is key but sometimes it can only go so far before someone is unhappy with the deal. This is business and keeping things professional is paramount.  We’re proud of all our partnerships today and we are glad we put in the time and effort in negotiating the best deal for our company.

That being said, this last round of negotiations over the last few months with a potential new partner has been the most challenging one we’ve ever engaged in. That says a Lot. There is huge opportunity and potential here if we can all agree to the terms that are mutually beneficial to both companies. This is why, in-spite of some serious blows, some KO style punches, we are still in the ring, round after round. We don’t doubt that the other guys are feeling the same way, yet, we all keep coming back. There is obviously merit in this deal. We can see the finish line, we just hope that we can all make it there soon and raise a toast to another successful negotiation. There are very few things in the business world that bring as much pure joy as when you’ve successfully negotiated a deal, big or small.

Through it all, the only way to keep your sanity is to keep talking to the people in your corner; your friends, your mentors, your family. Sometimes being the one in the ring can make you lose sight of the big picture. Having smart people around you to keep the perspective and keep things real is priceless. Pam and I are so fortunate to have that. We wouldn’t last these long bouts with guys who tower over us if we didn’t have our tribe backing us and encouraging us.

So if you find yourself in tough negotiations, first, keep emotion out of it, it clouds your objectivity. And second, talk to your tribe. Lastly, if you want to, call us. We will happily be in your tribe. Good Luck!